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WHY Learn Quran Online? #1 Lesson Free

WHY Learn Quran Online?

WHY Learn Quran Online?

WHY Learn Quran Online?

  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
 Study any time, anywhere, anyhow you like.
 Take a rest when you need it, come back when ready.
  Take control of your education and your future.
  Progress at your own pace, No rush, No pressure.
 No uniform, no rigid rules, and procedures.
 No contract, no timetable, No travel, No waste.
  It’s your own life: Relax, Learn, Practice, Enjoy.
 High-quality multimedia interactive education.
  Worked Examples and Practical Applications.
 Real-time Exercises and Assessment System.
  Interactive enjoyable educational materials.
  Immediate corrected answers and final results.
  Monitor your progress and Control your time.
  Very Simple, Flexible, and Easy way to learn.

Learn Quran Online aims to provide:

☼  A comprehensive education and training system that overcomes most of the barriers currently facing potential students around the world

☼  A distance learning system where the written material is reinforced by online Audio/Video lectures with full student support brought into the comfort of your home

☼  A thorough theoretical background supported by practical examples of real projects where practice gives a broader understanding of the theory

☼  High-quality online courses open the gate for further advanced studies and connecting students with international professional organizations and awarding bodies

☼  A solution tailored to every student, away from the rigid rules and procedures, minimizing obstacles and maximizing the chances of success

WHY Learn Quran Online?

Learn Quran Online is a new model of training and education that overcomes most of the barriers currently facing potential students such as:

1- Location: The student can now VIEW the highest quality of video lectures from home

2- Time: The student is no longer tied to a rigid schedule of lectures, which can now be viewed at any time

3- Finance: Minimal cost considering the quality and flexibility of the system.

4- Language: If English is not your first language, you can start your educational journey with the very powerful, Literacy, and Numeracy online course. Moreover, other languages will be introduced soon

5- Entry requirements: We do not apply rigid rules and procedures for Admission. Very simple and easy steps to get started.

6- Quality of the materials: We guarantee that every student will receive the highest quality of education including both the theoretical and practical sides

7- No basic qualifications? You can start at a lower-level educational course online that will take you to the level where you can understand higher-level courses.


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