Tafsir of Short Surahs

Tafsir of Short Surahs for New Muslim’s

Tafsir of Short Surahs for New Muslim’s

Tafsir of Short Surahs

Tafsir of Short Surahs for New Muslim’s

From Al-Duha to Al-’Adiyat

We need advice. We search for guidance. We ask people, pore through books, even think we can find it online. But often we overlook what’s right in front of us – one of the greatest blessings in our lives, the Quran. Little do we realize that the short chapters of the Quran, which most of us know by heart but yet don’t understand, contain the very answers we are seeking.


  • Connect with the chapters you recite most frequently
  • Experience firsthand the overwhelming beauty of the Quran and its extreme relevance to our lives
  • Receive a detailed and inspiring commentary of the short chapters at the end of the Quran
  • Address basic themes of the Oneness of Allah, the Prophethood, and the Last Day, as well as mankind’s natural tendency to greed and non-recognition of the significance of time
  • Gain insights about your life
  • Increase your presence of heart in prayer


In our daily prayers, we commonly recite the shorter chapters from the end of the Quran. Largely Makkan Surahs, they are extremely beautiful and characterized by short verses, powerful language, vivid imagery, and musical rhymes—often addressing the most basic themes of belief, Allah and His Oneness, the Last Day, and the Messengerhood of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. If you understood and properly reflected upon, these verses shake the listener to the core.

Tafsir of the Short Surahs: Finding the Beauty & Power in Your Daily Recitation is a detailed and inspiring commentary of the short chapters at the end of the Quran, designed to help you relate with the verses that you recite most frequently. Lessons cover Surah Duha through Surah ‘Adiyat.

Besides the general themes mentioned above, the Surahs also explore mankind’s natural tendency to greed and lack of realizing the great significance of time. The meanings in these chapters will help you both gain insights about your own life and draw closer to Allah and His revelation.

This course will also serve as an introduction to a linguistic study of the Qur’an. You will begin to appreciate and be moved by the beauty and depth of Qur’anic Arabic. You will memorize a vocabulary list of common Quranic vocabulary and common Quranic linguistic styles, making the course an excellent stepping-stone to further studies and readings in tafsir literature.

By the end of the course, you will gain an understanding of the meanings of the selected chapters, which will help you connect with and memorize the Quran. This will also hopefully lead to more khusho, or presence of heart, in prayer. You will also have gained an understanding of the approach and style of tafsir.

Whether you have already memorized these Surahs or would like to be motivated to do so, Tafsir of the Short Surahs is a perfect opportunity to connect with both the Quran and your prayer.


  • Tafsir Surah Duha
  • Tafsir Surah Sharh
  • Tafsir Surah Tin
  • Tafsir Surah Alaq
  • Tafsir Surah Qadr
  • Tafsir Surah Bayyinah
  • Tafsir Surah Zilzaal
  • Tafsir Surah ‘Adiyat

Tafsir of Short Surahs


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